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Podcast - 1º Debate entre Kennedy X Nixon no dia 26/09/1960 - Tema: Política Interna

Candidato republicano, Vice President Richard M. Nixon, e Candidato Democrata , o senador John F. Kennedy mantém seu primeiro debate sobre política interna. Os candidatos resposta, ou comentário sobre as respostas às perguntas colocadas por um painel de correspondentes.

Republican candidate, Vice President Richard M. Nixon, and Democratic candidate, Senator John F. Kennedy hold their first debate on the topic of domestic policy. The candidates answer, or comment upon answers to questions put by a panel of correspondents from the major news networks.

Candidato republicano, Vice President Richard M. Nixon y el candidato demócrata, el senador John F. Kennedy celebra su primer debate sobre la política interna. Los candidatos respuesta, o comentar las respuestas a las preguntas formuladas por un grupo de corresponsales.

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Jessica Martiele disse...

I admit, I've never seen Hagar the Horrible in Spanish. That's FABULOUS! Thanks! (I know that's not what your blog is about, but I can't read Spanish, and hardly speak it.)

Monsenhor disse...

Jessica Hello, my blog is geared more to the Brazilian public, but some documentaries are made in English and Portuguese with subtitles. As the comics of Hagar I advise you to visit this site where every day is a new comic and the English language. Follow my blog because it put many news in several languages mainly in English.

A hug

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